The King & I project is slated to drop May 19, the duet tape features Evans singing alongside unreleased Biggie rhymes as well as famous verses.


Ten Wife Commandments” was the first song I started recording for The King & I. Excited and optimistic about the new deal & the opportunity to bring my idea to life, I started looking for Big’s acapellas on YouTube while in Detroit rehearsing with my band. With “Ten Crack Commandments” being one of the songs I had always wanted to redo, I found it and got to work! It took a few different sessions to get the commandments to be meaningful and clever, but I do feel these are points that both men and women can appreciate.

Evans has already released two songs “NYC” with Jadakiss and “When We Party” ft. Snoop Dogg from the project, she’s dropped a third called “Ten Wife Commandments.”

  1. Never let no chick know what you and your man do in the bedroom.
  2. You gotta be the only one he wants.
  3. Gotta be a lady in the streets and you gotta be a freak in the sheets.
  4. Tell him you love him before he steps out the door.
  5. Gotta let him wear the pants
  6. Know how to put it down in the kitchen.
  7. Gotta keep your feelings and your money separated.
  8. Gotta keep your head game straight.
  9. Gotta take care of your family.
  10. Be careful of the people you meet.

Check out the track on Soundcloud

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