Nicki Minaj “No Fraud” A New Way To Beef

When one thinks of rap beef, it tends to be Nas and Jay-Z, T.I., and Lil Flip, LL Cool J, and Cannibus, or even 50 Cent and JaRule. But, those are men beefin’. Women do things in an entirely different way. There are several different classifications of women, but for this beef, we’ll take “BOUGIE, BOUJEE, AND BOURGIE/BOURGEOIS” as explained by Damon Young of Very Smart Brothers, and the “hood chick” for $1000 Alex. We all know what hood means.

Remy aka the hood chick, Dropped “shETHER” and rocked our socks. She took a classic beat by Rob Browz, best known as “Ether” by Nas, and let loose for nearly seven minutes. You’d have to be a hip-hop head to get it. Accordingly, Twitter went nuts!  I read complaints about it being too long, and it was only for the moment. I’ve also read big-ups that said the Queens rapper killed Nicki.

It was dope until…

Remy just had to add “Another One” to the mix. She was ahead of the game. Why did she do it? Igiphy-3

We still hadn’t heard from Nicki, but we saw her. That’s where the “bad and boujee” part comes in. Nicki was busy jet-setting, posting videos from Beyonce, recording videos, and flicking it up with other major stars like Future. We saw a part of her photoshoot, but what we didn’t know is that she was about to drop a 3-piece. “Changed It” ft. Lil Wayne, where she dropped a spicy clapback at Rem, “Regret In Your Tears” and the most talked about track “No Frauds” (below)  featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. giphy-4

Minaj challenged Remy Ma to Drop a Hit in 72 Hours and offered half a milli if Remy could book an interview or show without mentioning her name! giphy

Damn Remy! Nicki took a capitalistic approach. She appeared unbothered by Remy’s 48-hour countdown and made a song that will be played on the radio FOEVA! *Cardi B Voice* Her diss will be forever etched in stone with a paycheck attached. Not to mention after dropping the song, Minaj posted:


Well, Damn, Nicki!

The bars were ok, but the approach was different. One must understand that rap beef will never be seen the same again. With the advent of the internet, opinions flying around the globe in a matter of minutes, and stans, artists will not lose the way they did back in the gap. Meek Mill is still around after his beef with Drake. There’s nothing that Remy can say that will be career ending for Nicki Minaj. Check out “No Frauds” below!


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