Living This Thing Called Life


Thursday February 27, 2014 was an epic day for me! You never know the light you shed on others lives while you’re living yours. I see myself as a regular person. Never really thought of myself as “legendary” or anything else of the sort! I have issues, bills, a kid, a crazy relationship of total opposites, and a mom that’s drives me nuts lol.
The group I personally DJ is Kamp Hustle and a part of our management is Jimmy of the RNB group Silk. Now I’ve been backstage at a concert but nothing of this magnitude and not as a DJ either😏 Don’t get me wrong I have DJ’d in some pretty live places but not in a coliseum. It was the Keith Sweat concert in Jackson Mississippi ft Silk, Ginuwine and Tank. All of whom I was able to meet. Talk about screaming on the inside and trying to keep your cool!! Proof TV came in to record the event personally for us. I was interviewed and photographed so much I didn’t know what to do! I finally arrived. I’m rubbing elbows with greats because I my craft and not my ass 😩😄
My mom was able to witness the whole thing an that was actually the best part of it all for me more than anything! To be able to see the smile or her face and the enjoyment oozing out of heart! I had done something to make her proud. She couldn’t stop telling people (her friends and our family) and even called herself ” Little Sunflower.” That warmed my heart.
I’m feeling good about life. Something i hadn’t been in awhile. Now I remain positive. I learned that was the only way to see the great things and small things that I had been missing staying negative and unappreciative of the blessings that were being bestowed upon me.
My humility keeps me grounded. Every day someone speaks of my change in life and commends me. I just wanted to be a better all around person…a better mother…a better daughter…a better friend so I changed my life.
In my life I had been a paramedic but I had also been a stripper for a number of years. I knew I couldn’t continue that life much longer. I’m getting older and I have a daughter whom I would prefer to be a role model for than anything else in this world.
All of my life I was involved in music, from my grandfather Willis Dyer being a musician to me playing the flute during all of my schooling and becoming a DJ. Deciding to professionally DJ was scary for me. What if no one listened? What if I was really awful? And what about the time I started before and let it go because of fear? I sat and taught myself. Trial and error at it’s finest. I made some pretty horrible mixtapes to start 😄
I took what I knew from the dope game and the strip game and applied it to something positive!! If I can grind hard for that I can grind hard for a better way!!! It still ain’t always gravy but I’m someone that my family…my man…my friends can be proud of and that in itself is enough for me #Blessed #Humbled

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