OMAI International Link Up Mixtape

Recently I was blessed by my mentor and friend DJ J Gates to be apart of an international mixtape sponsored by Official Mixtape Awards International! I was humbled but more than that scared out of my wits! Why ask me? Who am I to be apart of something so great? I am my biggest critic :/ I am a perfectionist! I can listen to one of my mixtapes that many many people love and point out something wrong that they didn’t hear. Not only was I scared but I only had less than 8 hours to complete my portion 😳 where would I start? Who would I start with? I had absolutely no idea! I mustered up as much courage as I could and fired up my turntables. 4 hours and a million songs later (exaggeration) I was ready! In 5 songs I was able to cover the USA. The west coast, south, east coast and the midwest. I called Gates still with fear in my heart and sent in my part! I had no idea it would be in so many sites and I would get so much recognition and that so many people would love it! From that day forth I stopped doubting myself and my skill! Salute to DJ J Gates DJ King Flow and Ike The Producer for having me on board! -Bless

I present to you International Link Up Vol 1
International Link Up Vol 1 Mixtape Link

International Link Up Spinrilla Link


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